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Project description.

"PURPLE" is an European Voluntary Service application that proposes a volunteering service of 11 months in Arad (Romania) carried out by 6 EVS volunteers from TK, ES, PT, PL, DE, MK. The project activities cultivate the following themes: "Europeean Awareness" and "Children".

The project objectives are:

  1. to enhance among the 6 EVS volunteers the developmentof antreprenorial and intercultural competencies
  2. to enhance among the 20 children who underwent experiences of domestic violence the development of social and interpersonal competencies
  3. to stimulate, during the service, the involvement of local stakeholders in those initiatives that aim to prevent and solve cases of child abuse

The EVS volunteers will carry out the following tasks as the main part of a structured plan of non-formal learning:

  1. Creative workshops (drama/pantomime) for/alongside 20 children – victims of domestic violence
  2. Outdoor activities held in the city parks for/alongside the group of 20 children
  3. Zooteraphy activities (mild dogs and poneys) for/alongside the group of 20 children
  4. Foreign language interactive courses for/alongside the group of 20 children
  5. Journalistic activities


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